Paperless Operations

The number of businesses turning to paperless operations is growing, as companies seek to increase their competitive edge, optimize costs, and take advantage of numerous other benefits. Paperless operations are based on computer technology and processes. Two more terms that are often used interchangeably for this type of operations are electronic operations and digitalization. Paperless operation means that all the documents in the business processes are created, processed, and stored electronically, which is an approach that has been booming in the past few years. First we were only able to store documents electronically, but now we can also edit, sign, and send them electronically.

Advantages of paperless operations:

  • Higher level of security, 
  • Fewer errors, 
  • Time optimization,
  • Environment-friendly operations (no printing), 
  • Lower costs for paper, printers, equipment,
  • Better overview of documents, 
  • Higher employee productivity, 
  • Lower costs per employee.

A document management system (DMS) is a precondition for modern paperless operation.

Based on our customers' satisfaction, we can safely claim that our document management system fulfills all the conditions required for modern paperless operation. Our DMS provides control over electronic documents and work, from creation all the way to their deletion or archiving, while software also allows you to create, send, and receive eInvoices. All software products developed within the ORKA.erp environment meet all the requirements for modern paperless operation, for each individual process separately. Our software supports paperless operation in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, financial accounting, commercial sales, and other areas of operation. We also provide strong support for mobile paperless operations.